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A Tradition of Excellence

Dallas Guitar Academy offers class lessons, private guitar and bass instruction, master classes, and artist clinics in North Dallas, Texas. All DGA instructors are experienced music teachers with confirmed references and degrees and/or certification in their chosen fields of expertise. Written letters of recommendation for all DGA instructors are available upon request. The DGA accreditation process means that you can be confident your DGA experience will be positive, with the highest standards of professionalism and customer courtesy.

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Beginning Guitar Class - $60 per month ($15 per hour)

Intermediate Guitar Class - $80 per month ($20 per hour)

Half-hour Private Lessons - $30 each

Full-hour Private Lessons - $55 each

Half-hour Semester Lessons - $100 per month ($25 per half-hour)

Full-hour Semester Lessons - $200 per month ($50 per hour)

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 Class Lessons

Beginning Guitar Class - Open to all beginners age 13 and up, or intermediate players who want the review. Begins with holding and tuning your guitar, names of guitar parts, and quickly progresses to chords, scales, tabulature, and playing basic songs. A variety of styles are introduced to encourage students to explore and find the styles they like best. Classes are organized according to age and skill level, so it's an easy way to make new friends too. Classes start every month and may be repeated as often as you like. Cost is $60 per month (4 hours).

Intermediate Guitar Class - Open to all ages, from age three to one-hundred sixty-three, but an audition or permission from the instructor is required. This class is intended to be challenging. Topics covered may include movable bar chords, song forms, repertoire development, fretboard mapping, improvisation, and other advanced techniques. New classes start every month and may be repeated as often as you like. Cost is $80 per month (4 hours).

DGA Master Classes - Pricing and scheduling vary. Please let us know what you'd like to learn or what kind of events you'd like to see sponsored or hosted by DGA!

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Private Lessons

Individual Option - Individual lessons are $30 per half-hour and $55 per hour. No contract, no sign-up fee, just PAY AS YOU GO. If you're not 100% satisfied with your lesson, it's FREE. Payment is due at the time of your lesson. Availability per instructor.

Monthly Option - Minimum 3 lessons per month. Guarantees the same lesson time every week per arrangement with your instructor. $30 per half-hour and $55 per hour. Monthly tuition is PAID MONTHLY IN ADVANCE at the last lesson of each month.

Semester Option - $100 per month half-hour / $200 per month full-hour. Semester schedules and availability vary by instructor, full semester payment in advance is NOT ALLOWED. Some months have 3 lessons, others have 5 lessons. The average semester lesson price is $25 per half-hour. Semester tuition is PAID MONTHLY IN ADVANCE at the last lesson of each month, for the duration of the semester.

Make-up Policy -  If a teacher misses a lesson, a lesson credit will be applied to the following month's tuition. If a student misses a lesson, no credit applies. If you must miss a lesson, please give your instructor as much advance notice as possible. Semester students are entitled to one make-up lesson per semester. If the student misses a scheduled make-up lesson, no additional make-up will be provided.

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String$:  When you're done playing, wipe your strings with a cotton cloth or old T-shirt that's been treated with a small amount of light household oil such as WD-40. This cleans the strings and displaces moisture that can shorten string life. This simple process will extend string life 3 to 4 times compared to untreated strings, saving you money, and giving you more time to spend playing your guitar instead of changing strings.

How to Get a Good Starter Guitar - Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the right guitar can mean the difference between success and failure.  THIS ARTICLE should help you find the guitar that's right for you. 

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Dallas Guitar Academy is located at:

14925 Midway Road, Suite #107, Addison TX, 75001

We are on the southwest corner of Midway and Beltway, one block south of Beltline.

Our entrance is directly behind J's Breakfast and Burgers Restaurant (click map to navigate)

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